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Fit Kids Programs

A more focused approach to help your child achieve their fitness goals. Our instructors are well qualified to allow your child to engage in active play, focus on fitness, and have fun! We offer various programs periodically throughout the year. Check back soon for more programs! 

If you are interested in signing your child up for a class, please visit or call reception at (860) 799-6880. 

Speed & Agility

6 Sessions | Wednesdays May 2 - June 6
Time: 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM
Ages:  7-12
Price: $120.00 members | $130.00 non-members

SPEED is defined as the ability to move the body in one direction as fast as possible. AGILITY is the ability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize, and quickly change directions with proper posture. Quickness is the ability to react and change body position with a maximum rate of force production

Practicing speed and agility drills can give children an edge over their competitors.Speed and agility training drills develop essential athletic skills, reduce risks of injury and boost confidence. Even if a child is not an athlete, their overall fitness will improve when they engage in speed and agility drills.

Please wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. NMFAC will provide all equipment.
Please bring a water bottle as well! This class will be held in our new Studio 3 (formerly known as Carlson's.)


Meet the Instructor, Louis Alhage

  • Louis has a great rapport with kids...he will help build their self esteem and confidence in their athletic abilities
  • He has worked with numerous high school teams and is the current assistant Wrestling Coach at NMHS
  • Graduate of Castleton Univeristy with a degree in Exercise Science
Speed and Agility

Creative Movement Class

6 Sessions | Saturdays April 21st - May 26th
9:00 AM  - 9:45 AM: 2-3 years old
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM: 4-5 years old 
Price: $120.00 members | $130.00 non-members
  • Students will explore the joys of rhythm, speeds, and shape and play through movement 
  • Children will have fun creating, discovering and sharing ideas while developing new skills of collaboration and group work. 
  • This class will build kinesthetic awareness and develop self-confidence.

Minimum of 5 children needed to run this program 

Kids dance create

Meet the Instructor, Emily Kent 

  • Earned a BSEd in Dance Education from the University of Georgia
  • Currently is the Education and Engagement Manager at Pilobolus in Washington, CT
  • AFAA certified group fitness instructor
  • ASCM certified personal trainer
  • Yoga certification from Etowah Valley Yoga

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