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Fitness Classes

Whether you're just getting started in your fitness journey or you're an experienced athlete (or somewhere in between), we have classes that are sure to fit your needs. Our professional instructors will go the extra mile for you...if you are just coming off an injury or have issues that prevent you from doing certain movements, let them know ahead of time so they can help you modify the workout.

Our latest schedule includes more than 50 classes...all included in your membership! If there is something you'd really like to see, let us know...we're open to suggestions!


AQUA FITNESS: A low impact water workout with no stress to your joints. An inclusive, high energy activity that is fun for everyone! (water temperature is 81 degrees)

BARRE FUSION & CORE: Barre combines the posture & length of ballet inspired movements and the core and strength of Yoga & Pilates. Uses dumbbells and resistance bands. Great for all fitness levels.

BODYPUMP: Addictive 60 min workout will challenge all your major muscle groups using the best weight room exercises, including squats, presses, lifts and curls. We're the only local health club offering the LesMills BODYPUMP program...check it out and see why these classes are so popular!

BOOTCAMP: (TBC) Learn to build strength, stamina and endurance through a variety of training exercises and obstacles while using your own body weight. Enlist now! All levels welcome.

BOXING EXPRESS: Get it done! 45 minutes bag and floor work, for all levels.

BOXING STRIKE BOOTCAMP: Kick up your calorie burn with this fun, high intensity, interval training workout using heavy bags, gloves, resistance, and plyometric training. A great workout for ALL levels.

BOXING CUT & CHISEL: A choreographed routine with a combination of bag work, kickboxing moves, and chiseling, working the lower body, balance, upper body and core. This workout will challenge all body types. All levels encouraged. (Gloves available on site, or bring your own)

BREATH & FLOW YOGA: A Vinyasa flow class incorporating breath, focus, mantra, concentration and the chakra system to deepen your practice.

CORE & SCULPT: This class is designed to change every week, challenging your arms, legs & core, while being encouraged to push yourself to do more. All levels!

CORE & MORE: Just what it says! Work your core and incorporate more strength training in this class will get your morning started right.

DEEP STRETCH & MEDITATION: Learn how to use deep stretch yoga for deep healing, in combination with meditative breath & quieting the mind. You will leave feeling open and peaceful, all levels welcome!

DREAM TEAM SPIN: Instructors rotate in this class. YOU’LL NEVER BE BORED with class! Expect a variety of rides from color to rhythm, all new challenges and excellent spin drills guaranteed! All levels.

LOW IMPACT AEROBICS: A great introduction to group activity classes with a workout that includes easy to follow moves, light weights and stretching. All are welcome.

MEDITATION: Come explore various techniques of meditation, becoming aware of thoughts, surroundings and your breath. Classes may be seated, standing or laying down. All levels welcome!

PILATES CORE & STRETCH: In this mat class, we'll be mixing light weights, stretching and core strength. Heavy emphasis on abdominal strengthening.

RELEASE THE WEEK YIN YOGA: A cooling yoga that focuses on realizing stagnant energy in the tissues, joints, ligaments and fascia. This is a slow practice where poses are held 3-5 minutes.

ROCK THE RIDE SPIN: This class will challenge you with an assortment of drills, awesome music and high energy! All levels.

SUNDAY MORNING FLOW: Start your Sunday morning off right! Relax, stretch and breathe using traditional yoga poses. All levels welcome.

SPIN RHYTHM & COLOR: Sweat and burn max calories with this great heart pumping workout focused on endurance, mileage, sprints, intervals and/or rolling hills. Each instructor brings a unique focus to their classes. Coach by color.

SPIN JOURNEY: All the components of spin class with an added mind body connection and a quick meditation before and after class. Ride the beat of the music...each class is always a new challenge. All levels welcome.

SPIN TO THE BEAT: Riding the rhythm in this heart pumping fun class. Ride the beat of the music through intervals, hills, cadence and sprints.

SPIN & SCULPT: Kick your ride workout up a notch by adding a weight workout into the mix using bands and light weights. Spin for 1⁄2 hour, then you’re off the bike sculpting for a 1⁄2 hour. This full-filled choreographed routine is designed to maximize calorie burn and sculpt your core, upper & lower body. All levels!

STACK ATTACK: Combining upper & lower body push pull movements, this class stacks exercises one on top of the other in a pyramid style, with weight training basics. For all levels.

STEP IT UP: Step aerobics combined with an intense upper body workout using various equipment. This fun workout ends with abs and a good stretch. All levels welcome.

SUNRISE YOGA FLOW: Just what it says! Relax, stretch, and breathe using traditional yoga poses. For all levels.

TABATA: This high intensity interval training (HITT) combines short bouts of exercise with short rest periods. This fun filled class will cover cardio, core, upper & lower body exercises. All levels welcome!

TBC (Total Body Conditioning): This class combines muscle toning exercises, deep core work, strength, balance and many aerobic conditioning challenges.

TOTAL BODY BLAST: The turbo kickboxing workout you love, combined with a focus on the core. For all levels.

TOUR DE SPIN: A class that simulates the exciting outdoor riding experience. Coach by color in five training zones with intervals, climbs, flats and rolling hills guaranteed to maximize your effort, fitness, and cardio goals while riding through functional threshold power (FTP). All levels welcome.

WARM YOGA FLOW: Students ill bring breath and movement together. This class will settle the nervous system and help with better sleep. Open and stretch, this class won’t be easy but will be slow, thoughtful & grounding. The room will be at 80 degrees so please bring water. Not recommended for pregnant women.

YOGA STRETCH & STRENGTH: This class focuses on improving balance, flexibility, mobility, and building core strength. Modifications are available. All levels welcome.

YOGA GENTLE STRETCH: This class incorporates Vinyasa flow style with creative sequences and changes every week. Gentle stretches and healing music will have you feeling strong & relaxed. All levels.

YOGA VINYASA FLOW & CORE: Students coordinate movement with breath and flow from one post to the next. Modifications are available.

YOGA POWER FLOW: Flow through a strengthening power yoga class. This is aimed towards building core, strength and balance. Renew your body with deep stretch and restoration.

YOGA BASICS: A great class for beginners learn poses in their proper form.

ZUMBA GOLD: Fun dance fitness class includes a wide variety of rhythms. Lower impact and slower pace than a basic Zumba.

ZUMBA: Zumba fuses together with hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create an energetic dance fitness workout that will blow you away. For all levels!

**Please advise your trainer if you have any injuries or are recovering from an injury. Modifications are always available.

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