Meet Justin Sharp

Justin Sharp

Justin Sharp has a B.A. in Athletic Training from Messiah College (2013). He is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, with specialties in 4th stage rehabilitation, sports conditioning, and therapeutic exercise.

With 4th stage rehabilitation, he often works with clients in the pool. Pool exercises have many health and even mental benefits, allowing for participants to perform certain movements they could not do otherwise on dry land. Just two and a half hours of aerobic exercise per week can greatly reduce the risk of serious illness (Buchner 2008), and why not do it in a comfortable therapeutic pool?  Many people who exercise in the water report it to be more enjoyable than on dry land (Lotshaw 2007) and those who work in a warm therapy pool also find themselves able to achieve greater range of motion in joints compared to dry land activities.

Working with Justin, you will get a tailor made exercise routine to help you reach your goals in a comfortable and safe manner. Justin has worked with many clients to help gain a sense of independence back, making activities of daily living much easier. Don’t just take our word for it, the CDC as well as many health professionals have long stated that aquatic exercise allows for use of arthritic and sore joints without any worsening of symptoms (Westby, n.d.)!  Working in the pool also changes your relative weight bearing on your joints, and those with aches and pains in the hips, knees and ankles can find relief, and even move more in the water!

Those who suffer from nerve pain can find relief in warm water aquatic exercise (Tomas-Carus 2008) and Justin even writes programs to help with balance and proprioception. Exercise in a warm pool can help brighten your mood (Berger 1991) and make the workout seem much more pleasant. Justin will talk you through all your exercises and even make you laugh as you do them. Aquatic exercise is great for all, but those affected with arthritis and joint discomfort (Westby 2001) , those with bone health worries  (Rotstein 2008) and those concerned with increasing disability associated with aging  (Sato 2007) will find substantial benefit to aquatic exercise.

We practice safe distancing and Justin is also a lifeguard. So what are you waiting for?! Schedule a demo in the warm therapy pool with Justin today!

Testimonial for Justin from Client Monika Thiel

"I would like to thank you for referring me to Justin last spring. I am very pleased to be working with him. His friendly, upbeat personality coupled with his excellent sense of the best ways to challenge me to help me meet my goals are a great combination! Justin inspired me, prepared me and gave me the confidence to reach my first fitness goal safely (run a 5k); and now I am enthusiastically looking forward to reaching this year's goal again with Justin's great guidance and support. Thank you Justin!"

Interested in one-on-one training with Justin?

30 minute and 60 minute sessions available! Call (860) 799-6880 to schedule a session or for more information!