Summer Swim Program

We offer Summer Swim lessons on Saturdays and MWF. Please scroll to see the options! Levels are described on the bottom of this page.  We may add or cancel classes based on enrollment.

Registration for weekday classes opens April 24th. Registration for Saturday classes opens June 3rd. 

Saturday Rates:

$130 member, $150 Non-Member;

Baby & Me $80 member, $100 Non-Member

Saturday Summer Swim Session

Registration starts June 3rd for the SATURDAY SUMMER SESSION, which starts Saturday June 24th and finishes Saturday, Aug 19th. (8 weeks) No classes 4th of July weekend.

8:00-8:304-16 MonthsBaby & MeTherapy pool$80$100
8:30-9:004-16 monthsBaby & MeTherapy Pool$80$100
9:00-9:3018-30 monthsBaby & MeTherapy pool$80$100
9:30-10:002 1/2 - 3 1/2 Parent & ChildTherapy pool$130$150
10:00–10:302 1/2 - 3 1/2 Parent & Child Therapy Pool$130$150
10:30–11:002 1/2 - 3 1/2 Parent & Child Therapy pool$130$150
11:00-11:303-4Level 1 Therapy pool$130$150
11:30-12:005-6 Level 2 Therapy Pool$130$150
12:00-12:306-8 Level 2Therapy Pool$130$150
10:00-10:305-6 Level 2Lap pool$130$150
10:30-11:006-8 Level 2Lap pool$130$150
11:00-11:306-8 Level 3 Lap pool$130$150
11:30-12:008+ Level 4Lap pool$130$150

Summer Weekday Baby & Me

Weekday Baby & Me classes start the week of June 26th and end the week of August 14th. (8 wks). There are no classes July 4th weekend. Registration opens April 24th.

Mondays: 11:00-11:304-16 MonthsBaby & MeTherapy pool$80$100
Wednesdays: 11:00-11:304-16 MonthsBaby & MeTherapy pool$80$100
Fridays: 11:00-11:304-16 MonthsBaby & MeTherapy pool$80$100

3 Week sessions – 9 classes, M-W-F (All Levels)

Session I: June 19th - July 7th

Session II: July 10th - July 28th

Session III: July 31st - Aug 18th

Summer Program Special Rate $120 Member | $140 Non-Member per session
Registration opens April 24th.  For all Level 1 classes, parent must assist child in Pool

9:00–9:30Ages 2-3 Parent & ChildTherapy pool$120$140
9:00-9:30Ages 5-6Level 2Lap pool$120$140
9:30–10:00Ages 3-4Level 1Therapy pool$120$140
9:30-10:00Ages 5-6Level 2Lap pool$120$140
10:00–10:30Ages 4-5Level 1Therapy pool$120$140
10:00–10:30Ages 6-7Level 2Lap pool$120$140
10:30-11:00Ages 5-6Level 2Therapy Pool$120$140
10:30–11:00Ages 7-8Level 3Lap pool$120$140
11:00-11:30Ages 12+Beginner Level for 12+Lap pool$120$140
3:30-4:00Ages 2-3 Parent & ChildTherapy pool$120$140
4:00–4:30Ages 3-5Level 1Therapy pool$120$140
4:00–4:30Ages 5-6Level 2Lap pool$120$140
4:30–5:00Ages 4-6Level 1Therapy pool$120$140
4:30–5:00Ages 5-6Level 2Lap pool$120$140
5:00–5:30Ages 5-6+Level 2Therapy pool$120$140
5:00–5:30Ages 6-8Level 2Lap pool$120$140
5:30–6:00Ages 7+Level 2Therapy Pool$120$140
5:30–6:00Ages 7+Level 3Lap Pool$120$140
6:00-6:30 Ages 8+Level 4Lap Pool$120$140
6:00-6:30Ages 12+Beginner Level for 12+Therapy Pool$120$140

All Instructors will follow the American Red Cross Swim Levels
(Max. of 5 children per class per Instructor)

  • Level 1 – Water Development & Discovery: An intro level to swimming for ages 4 months to 3 years old that will help your child feel comfortable adapting to the water while making their 1st experience safe and fun! (All Preschool Aquatics are with parents in pool)
  • Level 2 – Development of Basic Skills: Students begin to process the fundamentals of swimming; floating back & front, submerging their bodies and beginning forward motion as they build confidence in the water.
  • Level 3 – Introduction to Basic Swim Strokes: Students continue to improve technique in front and back crawl. Introduce to technique in breaststroke and butterfly as we continue to build confidence and improve other aquatic skills in the water.
  • Level 4 – Develop & perfect all strokes: Students learn to coordinate and master all strokes at this level. Introduce We'll continue to build strength and confidence in all 6 strokes (ARC) and improving endurance in other aquatic skills.

Summer Swim Flyer

Get a printable PDF version of this information here.