Personal Training Testimonials

Mike Gold Testimonial about Trainer Kathryn Smith

Testimonials for Greg Payne

I honestly cannot say enough about this young man and his ability to transform lives through training and stretching. I didn't think I needed stretching, until I was introduced to the incredible healing potential of Greg Payne. So much more than what I had expected.

And suddenly I realized what I had been missing. Healing and preparing my body to accept the workouts that I was doing in the gym, goes deep. Greg is incredibly gifted with his skill set, but also with his ability to tap into mental and emotional blockages too. Breathe and stretch into a much healthier version of yourself.

I cannot recommend his stretching and training sessions more than simply to say, "Run...don't walk!" Sign up with this guy! You'll be glad you did.

~ Ham Brower

Testimonials for Elena Picarelli

"It is with great pleasure that I write about my 5+ years experience training with Elena Picarelli. I feel I am in an excellent position to comment on her talent because prior to training with her I had been with 3 other trainers for over 4 years. 

The three elements — talent, knowledge and commitment — I find are the hallmarks of my incredible success working with her 3 times a week for 5 years.

At 85, I am stronger than at any other time in my life even though I was a high school football varsity guard. Every day I am in my barn working with horses, it proves that my strength, balance and stamina are excellent because I am able to easily deal with hay bales, water buckets and loads of manual labor. 

Beyond any doubt I am sure that my physical and mental health are at all-time highs because of my training with Elena." ~ Joe Gitterman


Testimonials for Kevin Thomas

"I went to my chiropractor today to get adjusted. The last time I had been was in December. At the end of the  adjustment he mentioned that my spine was the most flexible it has been and that my sacrum wasn't as off as it's been. He asked what new thing I was doing and I told him boxing. He mentioned that boxing was probably strengthening the back and leg muscles, therefore I was having less subluxation."

~ Natacha