Personal Training Testimonials

Mike Gold Testimonial about Trainer Kathryn Smith

Testimonials for Jordan Pessolano

"I've been training with Jordan for almost 2 years and I love it! My workouts are customized to meet my goals and we make progress every time I train. He knows what to do and how to do it correctly, so I have never been injured. I highly recommend Jordan as a first class trainer. 💪" ~Bob Bennett

"I’ve been training with Jordan Pessolano twice a week for almost six months now. The impact he has had on my training and focus is immeasurable. Not only is he a great guy and fun to work with, but he has brought me to new levels with my kickboxing I wasn’t sure was possible at my age. I highly recommend any type of training with him and working out at NMFAC." ~Ryan Cangello

“I’ve been working out for many years by myself and with various trainers. Many trainers want to train the overall body in a training session. I tried that and it worked for sometime. But then I wanted to change it up and get closer to my goals. I met with Jordan Pessolano, a personal trainer about 15 months ago. He is young, fit and very knowledgeable. We now work on various body parts: chest, arms, legs, back, abs, and shoulders during our sessions. Each training session is different. Jordan changes it up each and every time. He does not push me to a point of getting hurt but doesn’t standby and hand out tissues because I feel like crying. At 56 years old, I’ve never felt or looked better in my entire life. Anything that I do in my every day life is made easier because I’m in shape. I can’t thank New Milford Fitness and Aquatics Club and Jordan enough for their time and expertise."      ~ Michael Gold

Testimonials for Elena Picarelli

"It is with great pleasure that I write about my 5+ years experience training with Elena Picarelli. I feel I am in an excellent position to comment on her talent because prior to training with her I had been with 3 other trainers for over 4 years. 

The three elements — talent, knowledge and commitment — I find are the hallmarks of my incredible success working with her 3 times a week for 5 years.

At 85, I am stronger than at any other time in my life even though I was a high school football varsity guard. Every day I am in my barn working with horses, it proves that my strength, balance and stamina are excellent because I am able to easily deal with hay bales, water buckets and loads of manual labor. 

Beyond any doubt I am sure that my physical and mental health are at all-time highs because of my training with Elena." ~ Joe Gitterman

Testimonials for Lynn Priest

"Lynn Priest has been my personal trainer for several years. Lynn's communications skills, experience and focus always allow for our sessions to be fair and challenging. 

During the time that I have worked with Lynn, she has creatively adjusted my program to allow for what is going on in my life. Our program has varied to support strength training for my daily work with horses and riders as well as rehabilitation from shoulder surgery. 

Lynn's knowledge of Pilates and other modalities of personal training is so extensive. Her ability to be flexible with my program allows me to train more regularly, improving my comfort and strength. She always finds a way to help me feel successful and positive, which keeps me coming back!"  ~Jayne Marino

"Lynn Priest is the most organized and reliable trainer I've ever worked with. In the sea of my erratic schedule, she is an island of stability! She keeps close track of my progress and will gladly make any necessary adjustments in order for me to pursue and achieve my fitness goals." ~Chris

"Lynn Priest at NM Fitness and Aquatics Club is a wonderful Pilates instructor.  I have been working with her on the reformer, chair, and tower equipment for over a year or so.  She is extraordinary talented as to challenging me to work on my ongoing tight lower back and posture issues. She does not ask me to do exercises that I am not comfortable with.  However, she helps me commit to on going growth to do my very best.  Pilates has helped me strengthen my core, so I can do more and more activities in my daily life.  I love to work outside and have managed to repair and install a 200 ft. stonewall at home.  There have been no long lasting ill effects from it as I believe my core is super strong.  I rarely have back pain these days due to Lynn and the Pilates routine. Lynn continues to help with good stretching exercises while maximizing my overall physical wellbeing. If you haven’t tried Pilates, I recommend it with Lynn Priest!" ~Michael Gold