Biomagnetic Therapy

Biomagnetic therapy is an internationally practiced health approach used to achieve bio-energetic balance in the human body. It involves the placement of special high field strength magnets over specific areas of the body, to support the regulation of pH. Adequate pH helps the body heal itself. This type of therapy stimulates normal immune system function, increased circulation and oxygenation, normalizes response to inflammation and more!




When a magnet is applied to the body, magnetic waves pass through your tissues. The impact of electrons on your body's cells increases temperature, reducing pain and swelling in muscles.

Blood activity is accelerated while calcium and cholesterol deposits in the blood are diminished. Materials that cause high blood pressure which have adhered to the inner side of the veins tend to decrease and fade. Your blood is cleansed and circulation increases. Activities of the heart are facilitated and pain disappears.

The autonomy functions of the nerves normalize in such a way that the internal organs recover their own function.

Magnetic waves penetrate skin, fatty tissues and bones, invigorating the organs. The result is greater resistance to disease.

If you are recovering from an injury or dealing with chronic pain, you may want to consider giving Biomagnetic therapy a try!

*The information contained on this website is intended for general informational purposes only. Certified Biomagnetic Practitioners, unless separately licensed to do so, do not make medical diagnoses or provide medical advice or care. Biomagnetic therapy should not be considered to be a substitute for consultation with a physician. 

Julia Rodriguez, Biomagnetic Therapy


Julia Rodriguez is a certified Biomagnetic Therapist with 3 years of experience in physical and emotional pain management. Biomagnetism has become a passion for her, as she has seen firsthand the results it offers in terms of pain management.

Additionally as a licensed Esthetician, she has 8 years' experience in facial for every type of skin, which she also offers to our clients here at NMFAC. Prior to joining the NMFAC team, she spent 8 years working with Massage Envy in NY, VA and CT. 


From Hamilton Brower: After the loss of one of my best friends, I felt as though I had lost my spark. My energy felt sapped as I was grieving this unexpected and inexplicable death. I understood that the best way to regain my strength, energy, and vitality was to start exercising more again, continue to eat only foods that would support my health, and start focusing on my own life that I have to live and continue working hard to make a difference in the lives of others along the way. One self-care treatment that helped me jump start was the biomagnetic balancing treatment from Julia at NMFAC. Not only is Julia incredibly intuitive, but she is one of the most compassionate souls I've met in a very long time. Her magnetic balancing treatment took me to a better place in just three sessions. I feel that that continuing my treatments with her on a maintenance basis is helping make a huge difference in my own outlook. I would highly recommend a visit to Julia to overcome emotional imbalances and physical ailments to help regain your overall health!


From Michelle Nahom: I don't usually write testimonials for services we offer here at the club, but in this case, I feel like I really need to speak up and talk about what I feel is an amazing treatment for injuries, aches and pains, and other health issues. When I first heard about Biomagnetic Therapy, I have to admit I was pretty doubtful. However, I am also more apt to try alternative medicine than traditional medicine as I have seen more success in treating the root cause of the problem rather than pharmaceutically treating the symptoms. I first tried Biomagnetic Therapy with Julia Rodriguez for pain in my ankle that I twisted while hiking because I had a road race coming up. It helped immensely. Recently I fell partway down the stairs and hurt my shoulder, pectoral muscle and arm. My range of motion was severely limited. During the same time frame, I also had a sinus issue that was really bothering me. Once again, Biomagnetic Therapy to the rescue! I went in for an hour session (I usually have done a half hour) and my range of motion in my arm increased dramatically afterwards, and my sinus issue completely dissipated! If you've got any kind of injury or aches and pains, consider giving Biomagnetic Therapy a try. I have found it to be really helpful for me!

*Testimonials are actual client reviews. Prospective clients may or may not see the same or similar results.