Fall Swim Program 2017

3 Week sessions – 9 classes
M-W-F (All Levels)
September 9th - October 27th
Session II July 31st - Aug 18th


Summer Swim Flyer

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9:00–9:30Ages 3-4Level 1Therapy pool$80$90
9:30–10:00Ages 4-5Level 1Therapy pool$80$90
10:00–10:30Ages 5-6Level 1Therapy pool$80$90
10:00–10:30Ages 5-6Level 2Lap pool$80$90
10:30–11:00Ages 6-7Level 2Therapy pool$80$90
10:30–11:00Ages 6-7Level 3Lap pool$80$90
11:00–11:30Ages 7+Level 3-4Lap pool$80$90
4:00–4:30Ages 3-5Level 1Therapy pool$80$90
4:00–4:30Ages 5-6Level 2Lap pool$80$90
4:30–5:00Ages 5-6Level 1Therapy pool$80$90
4:30–5:00Ages 5-6Level 2Lap pool$80$90
5:00–5:30Ages 5-6Level 2Therapy pool$80$90
5:00–5:30Ages 7+Level 3Lap pool$80$90
5:30–6:00Ages 7+Level 4Lap pool$80$90

All Instructors will follow the American Red Cross Swim Levels
(Max. of 5 children per class per Instructor)

  • Level 1 – Water Development & Discovery: Beginner level which will help the child feel comfortable in the water while learning to enjoy the water safely.
  • Level 2 – Developmental & Basic Skills: Students begin to progress with the fundamentals of swimming; floating back & front, submerging their bodies and beginning forward motion as they build confidence in the water.
  • Level 3 – Introduction to Basic Strokes: Students learn to coordinate front and back crawl. Introduce elementary backstroke, the breaststroke and dolphin kick as they continue to build their confidence in the water.
  • Level 4 – Develop & perfect all strokes: Students learn to coordinate and master all strokes at this level. Introduce Breast Stroke and Butterfly as we continue to build their confidence and improve other aquatic skills.