Meet the Trainer: Anthony Trocchio

A few years back when the lock down started, I decided to take all the free time I had to really start working on myself and my health. Being a 19 year old kid in a world where men’s health is not a hot topic, I didn’t know where to start. One day out of boredom I went down to my garage and started lifting some old rusty weights. At the time I would have never thought it would have led me to where I am today. Strength training and exercise was the beginning of my health and healing journey. It was a stepping stone that led me to making meaningful change in my life.  Fast forward to today and I have added a plethora of habits to my routine to optimize my mental and physical health, and it all started with those rusty weights.

I became interested in becoming a personal trainer because I have always had a passion for helping other people. I had transformed my own body and mind so I wanted to utilize the skill to be a service to others. I am certified by NASM and have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I plan to further my education in the near future. 

The criteria I use to determine exercise programs for my clients is completely individualized based on a variety of factors such as their physical health, past experience, comfortability, goals, injuries, and the list goes on.

I believe my greatest strength as a personal trainer is my work ethic and compassion. Instead of just putting a client on a machine for an hour, I take the time to address imbalances and injuries. I also make sure to incorporate some form of training that considers the longevity and functionality of my clients. A few examples of this are working on real life movements, mobility, and core stability. The thing is I want my clients to improve their overall health and optimize their training, not just go through the motions and see minimal results. 

I believe what sets me apart is the fact that my experience goes above and beyond just training. I have a lot of knowledge on exercise and health, but I also practice what I preach. I went from a down time in my life where I was struggling, to now flourishing mentally and physically. I believe you can have all the certifications in the world but it’s the experience that makes a good teacher. I am far from perfect but I put in the work daily and have learned from my failures and low points. 

My specialties include strength training, building muscle, mobility training, mindset coaching, and holistic health. My philosophy is that life will continuously put you through adversity, so  you have to focus on what is in your control and learn to let go of the rest. You can control your actions, mindset, how you react, and your environment. Focus on these aspects of your life and you will notice how everything starts to fall into place. For me, exercise was the beginning of my journey and maybe it can be for you too. I truly enjoy helping people reach their goals and improve their life. I would love it if you joined my team and to be a part of your journey. Call the gym during any business hours and leave your phone number so I can reach out to you directly.

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