Running Club

Whether you are a beginner runner attempting to finish your first 5K or more experienced runner trying to improve your half marathon time, our running club is for you!

Our training program will keep it fun and allow you to run to your potential. It incorporates various types of training at the correct time in the plan to allow you to run your very best at races we plan throughout our training.

Running with a group gives you a support system as well. Your running partners will hold you accountable and keep you consistent even when you feel like skipping. They're also your cheering squad, motivating you to work to finish the workout, run a little further or a little faster. Your training will only benefit from having a group to run with!

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Coached by Mike Nahom
Certified USATF Distance & Track Coach
Over 20 years coaching experience
D1 - All American, 5x winner NM 8 Miler


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What's included: 


  • Running Form analysis
  • Running Economy drills
  • Injury prevention training
  • Group Long Runs
  • Formally coached training (organized workouts 2x/wk - usu Tues/Thurs, long runs on Sunday)
  • Individualized personal training programs & weekly schedule via email

Workout recap from member Alex Gonzalez

Coach Mike led of a group of 10 through a series of warmup exercises in the pitch blackness of the 6 am start time. This was followed by some hard knocking 5 x 600 intervals capped with 200 recoveries. Great run. Been years since I ran with a group of gifted male and female runners.

I really like this coach and need this added discipline to complement my cycling and swimming. IRONMAN training is no joke and it hasn't even started to get real yet. BUT IT WILL...


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Testimonials for Coach Mike Nahom and the Running Club:

5 reasons why Ed Neeb joined our running club and continues to run with our group: 
1. Meeting like-minded people. (Friends)
2. To improve my running. Coach Michael Nahom is great.
3. To be motivated and held accountable.
4. Socialization and to have fun.
5. Support: other runners just know WHY we do this.


"I first started running around my neighborhood in 2014 about 2 miles at a time. I never thought I would run more than two miles but I did my first 5k in 2016. Since I was a member of the New Milford Fitness & Aquatics Club, one of the owners, Michelle Nahom, invited me to join the running club. I thought the running club was just for special runners.
I ran the Moonlight 5k race in 2018 with a time of 30:43. After training with the running club, a year later my time was 25:10. This was a big improvement in one year. Also this year I enjoyed doing the Polar Bear race around Lake Waramaug with is 7.8 miles, which I did in 1 hour 7 minutes. In 2019, I did my first half marathon in 2 hours 2 minutes. I had hoped to do 2 hours but at mile 8, I enjoyed a sip of beer and that cost me the 2 minutes. 
I have enjoyed the running club which has helped me improve my endurance, pace and speed. I have a new group of friends through the running group that are fun to be with and allow me to enjoy running even more.  I have realized that all the things I have accomplished with the help of the running group that I am a special runner." ~ Miriam Acevedo


"I'm really grateful to have found the NMFAC running club. I always feel very fortunate to be instructed by Coach Mike and I am privileged to practice with such an accomplished group of runners. More than that though, they are some of the warmest people I have met since moving off of Long Island. I really treasure our 6 am track workouts; so much so, that I leave my house in NY at 5:20 am to drive 35 minutes to New Milford, CT to run in the freezing cold. THAT'S how great these people are. My favorite person there though is Michelle. I want to be like her, that's why I follow her so closely on the track...breathing down her neck." ~Nichole Ellis


“As a former college runner, I can say that the running club has helped me rediscover my stride and passion for running. Mike is a fantastic coach and he knows how to get the most out of the people he trains.  Whether you’re a beginner or a lifelong runner like me, you can reach your running potential with the running club.“ ~Ryan Rebstock


"I’m so happy I joined the running group this year coached by Mike Nahom through the New Milford Fitness & Aquatics Club. I wanted to begin running races and strengthen my running gait and pace. I found that and so much more!  I’ve met so many nice people and new friends. I am so glad I joined. Not only did Coach Mike’s running drills improve my running time, but I’ve loved the running groups laughter and shared experiences!  I’ve already run two races and looking forward to my first half-marathon this spring. Thank you Coach Mike and Michelle!  ~Jo Gallagher


I started running 25 years ago, then I took some time out to switch to body building. Then I decided to come back to running. I'm a little older now, and didn't know if I could get my strength back. So I joined the run club and with the help of Coach Mike Nahom, I came back strong! He gave me individual workouts and I ran with the team.
Run Club is a team in the sense that we work together and cheer each other along no matter what level you are at. It's like a family that supports you. 
Coach makes each workout fun along with being the right amount of challenging to improve your time. 
Run Club is not just about a workout, it's about the friendships which is the most valuable part. ~Lynn Priest