130 Grove Street, New Milford

Running Club

Whether you are a beginner runner attempting to finish your first 5K or more experienced runner trying to improve your half marathon time, our running club is for you!

Our training program will keep it fun and allow you to run to your potential. It incorporates various types of training at the correct time in the plan to allow you to run your very best at races we plan throughout our training.

Running with a group gives you a support system as well. Your running partners will hold you accountable and keep you consistent even when you feel like skipping. They're also your cheering squad, motivating you to work to finish the workout, run a little further or a little faster. Your training will only benefit from having a group to run with!

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Coached by Mike Nahom
Certified USATF Distance & Track Coach
Over 20 years coaching experience
D1 - All American, 5x winner NM 8 Miler


but please sign up at the front desk


$40 / month

What's included: 


  • Running Form analysis
  • Running Economy drills
  • Injury prevention training
  • Group Long Runs
  • Formally coached training offered 3 times/wk (organized workouts 2x/wk - usu Tues/Thurs, long runs on Sunday)
  • Individualized personal training programs & weekly schedule via email

 Interested in our Running Club Program?

Call 860-799-6880 or
Sign-Up at Reception or
Contact Mike: miken@nmfac.com or
Michelle: michellen@nmfac.com

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