Best Group Exercise Classes for Cross Training

Looking to jump start your fitness journey, get a fresh change to your routine or cross train to improve your typical mode of fitness? Group exercise classes may be just what you need. 

Group exercise classes are a great way to jump start your fitness journey, get a fresh change to your routine or cross train to improve your typical mode of fitness.

Research shows that people who attend group exercise classes are more likely to be consistent in showing up, more likely to increase the duration of their workouts, have better motivation, more accountability, more inspiration and more camaraderie than those who try going at it solo.

But if you’re already a seasoned runner, power lifter, cyclist, yogi, you might be wondering how group exercise classes could benefit you.


Let’s break down some of the classes to see where they can be beneficial to athletes.

Yoga:  improves flexibility, mobility, balance, and proprioception. 

Pilates:  improves core strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and low impact strength

Spin/indoor cycling:  improves cardiovascular capacity and endurance

Strength based classes such as BODYPUMP / Bootcamp:  correct muscle imbalances, cross train muscles that are different from the ones you typically use in your main mode of exercise, give you more power to perform better.


With so many different options of group exercise classes on our schedule, you may find it difficult to choose. Here we’ve broken it down so you can see what types of classes may fit your needs.


Learn how yoga, strength based and indoor cycling group fitness classes can help a runner to avoid overuse injuries and even improve running times!

Your body moves almost completely in a forward rotary motion.  Running is an endurance based exercise. You can have overuse injuries in your knees, feet, hips, and back from continuously training in the same plane and the constant shearing force on your joints from the continual pounding.  Best bets for cross training in a class format?  Yoga will improve your flexibility and mobility…as most likely your hamstrings are tight as a drum!!!  Strength based classes help work on all of your support muscles and improve muscle imbalances…not to mention a little extra strength work can give you the power to run faster.  Indoor cycling is a great way to keep working your endurance in a less stressful on your joints mode.


Spend most of your time in the weight room? Yoga, Pilates or cardio based group exercise classes can help you improve your fitness levels in a number of ways as well.

Yoga or Pilates will improve your mobility and flexibility.  More mobility in your joints = stronger and more powerful lifts! Not to mention better range of motion for more depth and more muscle activation.  Cardio based classes will increase endurance, cardiovascular output, and burn a few calories. 


Yogi? Cardio and strength based group exercise classes will help you with your fitness!

Cardio based classes will help improve your cardiovascular output.  Strength based classes to help you build stronger, lean muscle in a different mode of exercise to help with more advanced yoga poses.

Cross training by taking group exercise classes will not only help with injury prevention, but also help prevent burnout, improve muscle imbalance, and can only help with making your performance in your preferred mode of exercise that much stronger and more successful.


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