Investing in Your Health: A New Perspective

Investing in your health rather than illness

If you don’t make time for fitness, you will be forced to make time for illness. Yes, you heard that right. Changing Your Perspective about Your Investment in Your Health Have you ever said to yourself: “Wow, you charge that much for a membership?” “I can’t afford personal training…it’s too expensive.” “It’s a waste of…

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Weight Training: The Real Fountain of Youth

senior couple doing bicep curls

The quest for a way to remain young forever has consumed mankind throughout history. Many have tried “magical supplements, creams and ointments and even body augmentation in the zealous pursuit of a youthful countenance and body only to be defied by age and degeneration. But what if there was a proven method to defy the…

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Best Group Exercise Classes for Cross Training

Looking to jump start your fitness journey, get a fresh change to your routine or cross train to improve your typical mode of fitness? Group exercise classes may be just what you need.  Research shows that people who attend group exercise classes are more likely to be consistent in showing up, more likely to increase…

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Body Composition Challenge

Successful body composition management

What would happen if you took 8 weeks straight and dedicated all of your focus to becoming a healthier and fitter you? If for 8 weeks, you committed yourself to eating more nutritiously, hydrating properly, and staying consistent in your workouts? Want to find out what a change in body composition will look like on…

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Progressive Overload

Lifting Weights - Progressive Overload Principle

Doing the same workout everyday but not getting the results you want?  It’s very likely that your routine is too routine, and your body is no longer being forced to adapt to the stimulation.  In order to get fitter, faster, stronger, and maximize your workout results, you need to keep in mind the Progressive Overload Principle.…

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Better New Year’s Resolutions with SMART Goals

As we approach the end of 2018, you may find yourself reflecting on past resolutions and trying to set new goals for 2019.  If you were able to meet last year’s goals…kudos to you!  If not, you’re not alone.  Approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. But this year is going to be…

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