Investing in Your Health: A New Perspective

If you don’t make time for fitness, you will be forced to make time for illness.

Yes, you heard that right.

Changing Your Perspective about Your Investment in Your Health

Have you ever said to yourself: “Wow, you charge that much for a membership?” “I can’t afford personal training…it’s too expensive.” “It’s a waste of money. I can exercise at home.”

Wondering why you should spend money on a membership or personal training? The answer is simple…safe, effective programming, accountability, and clear steps to reach your goals.

Now what if you didn’t view it as so expensive?

The Costs of Illness

Did you know that the average medical costs of diabetes are approximately $16,750 per year? The average medical costs of cardiovascular disease…$18,953 per year.

Think hard about what happened to the majority of Americans during COVID/Quarantine. First, there was widespread panic at the unknown. There was mass buying of non-perishable goods and frozen foods that have a long shelf life. Long shelf life = high salt, high sugar, high trans fats. This equates to a severe lack of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Second, the stay-at-home orders meant most were stuck at home, which meant many were sedentary. Studies show that being sedentary for 3-6 months with the above nutritional deficiencies means a huge increase across the population in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, anxiety and depression.

Weighing the Cost of a Gym Membership Versus the Cost of Illness

So now what if you didn’t think of joining a gym or personal training as so expensive?

Take a close look at your expenses for the last month. Add up every expense that is moving you farther away from your goals. Think daily Starbucks sugar laden drinks, numerous lunch/dinners out, cigarettes, the Friday night (or maybe more) happy hours…

Starbucks Venti Caramel Macchiato

  • 1 per day = $4.75
  • x 5 days = $25.00
  • x 52 weeks = $1300

Lunch out

  • average $11 per lunch (on the cheap side)
  • x 5 days = $55 per week
  • x 52 weeks = $2860 per week

Does it still seem so expensive? Or would it seem like a smart investment?

Did you know that the MINIMUM recommended amount of exercise each week for good health is 150 minutes? This minimum is the amount that will help improve mood, ease anxiety and depression, increase energy and concentration and modulate sleep.

A mix of BOTH cardiovascular and strength training is needed for optimal health as ONLY strength training can induce the hormones necessary for building lean muscle. This lean muscle tissue is what helps raise your resting metabolic rate…think calorie burn. Strength training also helps your balance, stability, and posture, helps combat bone loss, and creates the toned shape of your body.

So why join a gym or utilize personal training? A gym can provide you with motivation, a feeling of belonging with like-minded individuals who are all working on improving their fitness and health, the accountability of showing up, inspiration from instructors and other gym goers, and the how-to’s of proper form. A trainer takes this one step farther with individual goal planning, specific training plans, and one-on-one instruction geared towards exactly what YOU need and personalized accountability and motivation.

Taking in all of the above facts…doesn’t it now seem like a smart investment after all?

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