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Body Composition Challenge

What would happen if you took 8 weeks straight and dedicated all of your focus to becoming a healthier and fitter you? If for 8 weeks, you committed yourself to eating more nutritiously, hydrating properly, and staying consistent in your workouts?

Want to find out what a change in body composition will look like on you???

Join us for a 8-week body composition challenge where we’ll be ignoring the scale and focusing on the all of the positive things we can be doing to change our bodies from the inside out!

You can expect lots of motivation and accountability to keep you on track throughout the 8 weeks, fitness challenges to make you work a little harder, and nutrition tips to help you when you’re not in the gym.

How does it work?  On Monday, April 22nd you’ll come in for beginning measurements and “before” photos.  We’ll have a group meeting on where we’ll discuss some healthy nutrition practices, exercise tips, and other important information to help you get the most out of your 8 weeks. We’ll also have once a week accountability meetings with Personal Trainers Elena Picarelli and Michelle Freeman.

Then the challenge will end with another round of measurements and “after” photos.  The goal with this challenge is to lose inches and body fat — and teach you the healthy methods you need for successful management of your new body composition.

Cost to participate:

$99 – 8 weeks for members/ $149 for non-members

$149 – 8 weeks + personalized macro count / $199 non-members

To register, stop by the Personal Training Desk or call (860) 799-6880 and ask to speak to Michelle Freeman.

Get ready to make a lifestyle change! We’ll be with you every step of the way!

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