Member Spotlight: Joseph Sardone

Finding the motivation to go to the gym — and put in the work you need to do to see the results — can be challenging at times. But today we have a story of determination that we think will inspire you.

We’re excited to introduce our Member Spotlight Series, and our first member to receive a little well deserved attention.

Member Spotlight: Joseph Sardone (pictured with Derik Brady, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor)


Meet Joseph Sardone.

Joseph is an inspiration to us here at NM Fitness & Aquatics Club, and with good reason. If you work out in the mornings, you’ve probably seen Joseph in your classes. He’s filled with an abundance of energy and life, attending 12-15 classes each week!

I was fortunate to meet Joseph after our Grand Opening this past summer, when he started attending my Foam Rolling Class and Core & Strength Class. I’m always trying to encourage, motivate and push my personal training clients as well as members who attend my free group activity classes. In one of my classes, Joseph was able to outperform every member by planking for 2 1/2 minutes! I should mention this man is 86 years old, turning 87 in May! That in itself is the greatest motivation for anyone who has either just started training, has hit a plateau, or for anyone who hasn’t started. He truly gives new meaning to the quote “Your only limit is you!”

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  1. Maureen Sladen on February 19, 2018 at 7:48 am

    He’s also the nicest, friendliest man you would imagine, encouraging other members in the class, creating community.
    I’ve stopped using 70 as an excuse!

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