Meet Personal Trainer Lynn Priest

Lynn Priest, Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers create training plans that are personalized to your needs and allow you to reach your goals without pushing yourself so far that you are prone to injuries. Most Personal Trainers have areas they specialize in…finding the right fit will help you succeed in reaching your goals! Over the next couple of months, we…

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Get the Most Out of Your Gym Membership

Utilizing personal training services can help you train for a specific event, like a firefighter fitness test.

With pandemic lockdowns and restrictions taking such a large toll on health, it’s important to get the most out of your gym membership. Many people report that they’ve gained weight, lost fitness, and are feeling high levels of stress. All of these impact our immune system negatively. The good news is working out at a…

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A healthy diet can help improve your immune system.

Can you strengthen your immune system with healthy lifestyle choices? The answer is yes. A healthy immune system is your first line of defense against viruses and bacteria. Flu season is approaching and COVID-19 is still a risk. If you’re concerned your immune system isn’t quite as strong as it could be, consider making some…

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Run for a Cause: Miles for Meals

The NMFAC Miles for Meals 5k raised almost 1100 for Camella's Cupboard

About Camella’s Cupboard We want to thank everyone who participated in our Miles for Meals Virtual 5K Run / Walk to benefit Camella’s Cupboard. In case you’re not familiar with Camella’s Cupboard, their goal is to provide all children in New Milford access to food year-round. They do this through summer lunches, school food pantries,…

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The Benefits of Cross Training

Benefits of cross training

Varying your workouts through cross training is beneficial for both those just starting an exercise program as well as seasoned athletes wanting to improve their performance. “Cross training can reduce your risk of injury, improve total fitness, and help with weight loss by giving your body a mental and physical break from the monotony of…

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The Body Transformation Challenge

Personal Trainer Elena Picarelli with client Dana - Body Transformation Challenge

Looking for significant, lasting changes in your health? If you are serious about transforming your life, take Personal Trainer Elena Picarelli’s Body Transformation Challenge! Transformation can be defined in many ways to different people. But no matter how you look at it, it requires a shift in your mindset. Understanding the theory and concepts behind…

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Michelle Freeman, Personal Training Manager

Michelle Freeman, Personal Training Manager, Personal Trainer at New Milford Fitness & Aquatics Club

Introducing Michelle We are so thrilled to welcome Michelle Freeman to our New Milford Fitness & Aquatics family as our new Personal Training Manager! Michelle brings 20 years of experience and a unique perspective to the position. Michelle is certified in Personal Training, Sports Nutrition, as well as group exercise.  She enjoys working one on…

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